History of Baghdadi-Jawlani split by Huthaifah al Azzam & Saleh al Hamawi


When Sh Abu Muhammad Al Fateh Al Jawlani was in the Islamic State of Iraq and upon entering Syria to form Jabhat Al Nusrah, he was under the command structure of > Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi > Sh Aymen Al Zawahiri. This was before Baghdadi broke his Bayah to Sh Aymen and before Baghdadi made takfeer on Al Nusrah and labeled AQ deviants.

When Sh Jawlani entered Syria, he had Done so after fighting many years in Iraq against the occupation and the Safavid regime, he had also witnessed many mistakes which he tried to avoid and correct. In the very beginning of the Syria revolution, Baghdadi ordered two acts from Sh Jawlani and Sh Abu Mariyah Al Qahtani.

1. To Kill Sh Abu Al Saeed Al Iraqi, the leader of Jaish Al Mujahideen in Iraq who had taken refugee in reef Damishq

Sh Abu Al Saeed was a Mujahid leader in Iraq, who fought the occupation, was imprisoned by the rafidha and then left to Syria. By the will of Allah (swt), Sh Abu Al Saeed and Sh Al Fateh Al Jawlani were imprisoned together in Iraq. In Prison the mujahideen used to use nicknames to avoid the intells, Sh Jawlani went by ‘Awas Al Mosuli’.

Sh Jawlani knew Sh Abu Al Saeed as a man full of Taqwa, who sought the best for the ummah, a man of jihad and patience. So when Baghdadi ordered Sh Al Jawlani to kill Sh Abu Al Saeed, Sh Jawlani refused this order. This to Baghdadi was a great crime, to leave ‘this Sahwagi Apostate’, how dare Sh Jawlani focus solely on the regime at this stage (remember the gruesome massacres being committed by the regime in the early days of the revolution especially).

Main interesting note: (Sh Abu Al Saeed Al Iraqi was at one point a teacher of Baghdadi and Baghdadi was his student. Everyone attested to the knowledge of Sh Abu Al Saeed)

2. The second order that Baghdadi ordered Sh Al Fateh Al Jawlani and Sh Abu Mariyah Al Qahtani was Baghdadi ordered JN to carry out suicide bombings inside of Turkey (targeting a SNC gathering). Sh Abu Mariyah was ordered specifically to do this as JN in Deir Al Zour (which Sh Abu Mariya led) knew people who could reach such a target inside of turkey. When Abu Mariya was ordered this he replied ‘AouthBillah’ (I seek refuge in ALLAH). Sh Jawlani and JN refused to carry out these disastrous orders. Keep in mind at this stage the disaster this would have caused for the Syrian revolution. Later ISIS and now IS too make sure to avoid conflict with Turkey, Evidentally ordering such an attack was only for JN, but ISIS/IS themselves later refused such foolish acts.

For Adnani, Baghdadi and ISI, the refusal to carry out these orders was proof that JN was ‘defecting’ and the leadership were traitors. Baghdadi himself personally entered Syria to ‘remove’ Sh Jawlani and the Majlis Shura and declared that ISI would ‘expand’ to Syria forming ISIS. Sh Jawlani responded that they should let Sh Aymen rule between them, and as Sh Abu AbdelAziz Al Qatari testified both Sh Jawlani and Baghdadi agreed to Accept the ruling. And as we all know when Sh Aymen ruled, Sh Jawlani obeyed and Baghdadi refused and broke his bayah. The rest is history.

This only sheds some light onto the deviance of the so called ‘Islamic state’ which is far from Islam, and what is hidden is far greater.

Written by your brother @jabhat_al_izz


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